Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ArtNowSF & Alchemetric Are The Big Kahunas Running This Thread Thing

Have you heard that Thread is doing a 2-day holiday event at Fort Mason?!  It's just before the Thanksgiving holiday on November 21st & 22nd.  ArtNowSF now manages and produces the show and are also the curators for the local artist pieces that will be presented there.  Alchemetric, a.k.a. Darien Bamdad, will also be organizing and running the fashion shows which will be happening twice a day for both days.  This is no small feat.  If ArtNowSF and Alchemetric sound familiar to you, that's because they are the same organizations that run the Veni Vidi Vici event at Club 6.

If you're interested in selling your wares, check out Darien's message below, and hopefully I'll see you from the runway!...

I hope this email finds everyone content and in good spirit...

If you haven't already heard about California's newest and fastest
growing fashion trade show: Thread, then please become aware.  Thread
brings the freshest and most up-and-coming brands in fashion, art and
music to a California buyer's market!
This year, Artnow SF is involved in the management and production of
the Thread trade show and Alchemetric will be organizing and running
the fashion shows during the trade show!

Anyone who has a brand in fashion, music or art and is interested in
getting some booth space at our upcoming November 21-22 2009 Thread
trade show at Fort Mason Center, please let me know and I will send
you some specific information in regards.

Feel free to pass this information along to anyone that it may be
pertinent for as well...

Many Thanks,

Darien Bamdad
415 571 9860
Fashion Curator

Friday, October 2, 2009

Raves & Wrecks: Full Moon Buy Night 2009

Oakland, CA - Walking a spiral through the maze of booths that Full Moon Buy Night (FMBN) had to offer me, I couldn't help but come out of it with mixed feelings. 

I go to so many of these things, and I'm always looking for something new and different, even a different presentation or ambiance of some sort.  So when I saw the online flyer for this event, the presentation of certain images and words made this event a shoo-in for me.  I was lured by the images of a full moon and the string lights and the words "night", "bazaar" & "waterfront".  When I got there, that's exactly the ambiance that FMBN offered me...a night bazaar with string lights on the waterfront under the moonlight. 

There were some local food vendors, a small farmer's market, some local fashion vendors, some exhibitors and some entertainment.  The bazaar offered such a variety of things.  So why oh why did I feel shorted in some way? Why oh why did I feel like I needed more?

And then it hit me.  The last East Bay event I went to was East Bay Express' Best of the East Bay Party at the Oakland Museum.  Yes, yes, YES!  Need I say more?!

Now if you'll see the bottom of FMBN's flyer, East Bay Express had a hand in this event.  I don't know what kind of hand it was or how much of its hand was allowed in the FMBN cookie jar, but let's just say that this year, FMBN is your father's Best of the East Bay Party...maybe even your grandfather's.

With an awesome 5 for Rave and an abysmal 1 for Wreck...
  • 5 raving stars to whoever designed the flyer
  • 5 raving stars for the ambiance
  • 3 stars for what was offered.  A good variety of offerings...but I just wanted more.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

They Pull Me Back In!

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!

I can't help it y'all.  I'm being tempted by all the fun on the waterfront of Jack London Square in Oakland tonight:

I hope I don't find anything expensive, 'cause then I'll be in trouble.  Does anyone know the number to Shopaholics Anonymous?