Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mover & Shaker: Rameen Gasery

From Movers, Shakers
The jokingly-self-titled "Man Medusa" in the middle is Rameen Gasery. Tan Truong, owner of the yummy Candybar in SF's NOPA neighborhood, called Rameen a "natural talent" because, after all, he's only been a highly-skilled photographer/aesthetic engineer for just over a year. Rameen's works of art are currently on display at Candybar. Candybar serves up desserts, wine, games and Sunday brunch! And Tan says that 80% of the clientele are hot women. Okay...I added the "hot" part, but either way, get your butt in Candybar and purchase all that is delicious, including Rameen's masterpieces!

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